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Funky French


I have known Roz (Martel) Secor since the late 60’s when we met at the University of Maine in Orono, Maine. While my major was Elementary Education with a minor in French, Roz’s major was French. What drew me to her was her great sense of humor. She was always willing to help me with both reading and speaking French. I so admired the ease that she had with languages.  I am not at all surprised that she went on to get a PHD at La Sorbonne and has taught many languages for decades. Her impressive educational background and clever wit make Funky French an excellent resource for students.  

Kaye (Olson) Stickney

Retired Teacher

Waunakee, Wisconsin 


I met Dr. Roz Secor when we both taught French at Louis Brandeis High School in New York City many years ago. I was often amazed by her ability to attract students’ attention with her use of original and clever word play and mnemonics. Her teaching approach drew her students in and made even the most unmotivated among them learn French without even realizing that they were learning it. 

Dr. Secor reveals her somewhat unorthodox but highly effective method of teaching in Funky French. This entertaining textbook will surely be a success.


Joyce Toubiana

Retired Teacher of French

Mobile, Alabama



If any one book can bottle the essence of Dr. Secor, Funky French is it. The title by itself reflects Roz’s innate, wonderful sense of humor and her one-of-a-kind approach when teaching foreign languages. Having observed her in action on the set of several TV series shooting in Florida and watched her work with a bevy of young actors and actresses who have grown up to be today’s crème de la crème of Hollywood, I can say without a doubt that her influence has touched many and impressed all. Roz is a delightful woman and a wonderful teacher.


Alan Simon, President of On Location Education  



Several years ago, I left my home in France to spend a year in Orlando, Florida. I contacted First  Quality Second Languages (Rosalyn Secor’s company) because I wanted to become more fluent in English. From the first class, I knew that I had found the perfect teacher. Using English and French, Dr. Secor could easily explain difficult concepts to me. I must admit that her knowledge of French grammar was often better than mine. My conversational skills improved a great deal because Rosalyn taught me English idiomatic expressions and word order. Moreover, she has a great sense of humor that is apparent in all the languages that she speaks. I am sure that plays a big role in Funky French.

Rosalyn and I share wonderful memories of the vacation that our families spent together at my home in Champagnole in the Jura Region.


Isabelle Liégeon

Isalipop Studio

Hyères, France



Rosalyn Secor is a wonder when it comes to language knowledge and learning. I have known her for eighteen years and consider her to be a superb linguist. I can personally attest to her fluency in and mastery of Spanish and Latin, the subjects in which she tutored my daughter to great success. She is an engaging teacher as well as a natural humorist. So, I can easily imagine that her approach to teaching French is not only methodical and knowledge-based but also clever and varied enough to capture the interest of any French language learner. I am ready to read and share her bilingual textbook, Funky French.


Deborah Nagy

Fairfax County Virginia Public Schools


Roz Secor was my French tutor several years ago. Her company, First Quality Second Languages, had expanded to the Washington DC. Area, and she was offering private tutoring. My husband and I were planning to travel to France, and I wanted a refresher course in French. It had been  quite a while since I had studied it in high school.

Roz has an awesome sense of humor. She used her entertaining method to help me hone my French skills and reach the intermediate level.

I am looking forward to reading Funky French. I could use another refresher course.


Andi Morris

Realtor, Coldwell Banker

Philadelphia, Pa.


I have known Dr. Secor for many years, and I can say with great confidence that she is at the top of her craft. Roz is as quick-witted as they come and extremely talented with the written word in several languages. Being a master linguist and a gifted writer, Roz was the editor for both of my father’s published novels. I would certainly recommend Funky French to anyone interested in learning the language.


Major Ilisa Stillman, USAF, MSC, CAAMA

Fairfax, Virginia


I wanted to travel to Paris again to look at a small apartment that was for sale in the 11th arrondissement on the Place de la République. If I were going to have a home there, I thought that I should begin to learn French. Rather than night classes or CDs, I decided to find a one-on-one tutor.  A friend recommended First Quality Second Languages, and so began my acquiring both a new language and a lifelong friend in Dr. Rosalyn Secor, known to me as Roz.

Funky French was not completed until after I had attained a working knowledge of the language with Roz’s tutoring. Now that her textbook is published, I can enjoy her ingenious approach by reading it.


Ron Picchi

Boca Raton, Florida


Since 1990, as the owner and director of All Tutoring (serving students’ educational needs in all of South Florida), I have worked with many good teachers, but Dr. Rosalyn Secor falls under the category of an exceptional instructor. Over the past fifteen years, I have watched her students’ grades improve substantially because of her extensive knowledge of foreign languages and her highly organized approach. Students love her humorous mnemonics and unique teaching style. When tedious concepts are made entertaining, students want to learn.

Dr. Secor has incorporated these concepts in Funky French, addressing all levels of French from basic through AP and IB. Whether you are a teenager or an adult, her techniques make learning the language an engaging, educational experience.  


Annette E. Kravick

Owner of All Tutoring

Jupiter, Florida


Dr. Secor was my instructor about eight years ago when I took private Spanish classes through First Quality Second Languages. She is proficient in both French and Spanish, and her teaching ability is impeccable. In addition, Rosalyn has a very dynamic approach which really appeals to her students. However, her wit and her warmth are what I admire most. Funky French is sure to make a very positive impact on students of all levels, and I wish her huge success with its publication.


Melanie Vazquez

Owner of Hogsnappers Restaurants

Tequesta, Florida



To learn French from a gifted teacher is a true joy …. To learn French from Dr. Secor is une joie de vivre! Through my years of studying French with Roz, I have learned to enjoy my French travels plus the ability to converse with and socialize with native speakers.

I am sure that Funky French showcases Dr. Secor at her best! Her method, wit and knowledge will translate into many hours of learning fun.


Bobbe Schwartz

New York City, New York and West Palm Beach, Florida




Over ten years ago, the then News Director at WPTV reached out to Dr. Rosalyn Secor and her company, First Quality Second Languages, to secure her services in helping more than twenty of our staff members learn or refresh their second language skills. Dr. Secor’s inherent knowledge and proficiency in multiple languages, particularly the Romance Languages, made her the perfect choice for our needs. Her boundless energy and quick wit made the classes most interesting and applicable to daily conversations. In addition, her flexibility in tailoring the material to suit our industry needs were extremely important   and greatly appreciated. More than just introducing grammar and vocabulary, Dr. Secor imbued every lesson with humor, creativity and encouragement. She made learning Spanish a gateway to a different culture and the possibilities of new experiences. All of us in her classes looked forward to spending our time with one of the most knowledgeable and personable teachers we have ever met. Certainly, these positive attributes are reflected in Funky French.


Bernadette O’Grady

Director of Programming and Media Convergence, WPTV

West Palm Beach, Florida



Dr. Secor and I met when I contacted First Quality Second Languages to take private French classes. My family and I were going to Paris for three months, and I needed a crash course in basic French. Dr. Secor was an incredible surprise. I am not certain what I anticipated, but Dr. Secor exceeded any expectations. Lessons were logical and easy to grasp, and I felt that I quickly developed a strong foundation for French.

More than anything else, Rosalyn is hilarious! I did not think that I would be laughing during classes nor that learning would be so much fun. Long gone was the intimidation that learning a new language often presents.

Dr. Secor came to my office twice a week to teach me French. She started with basic pronunciation and vocabulary. Grammar came later. I appreciated that approach to conversational French rather than first introducing sentence structure. With her method, I could make leaps that allowed me to converse and read in French. Only a teacher with a profound grasp of languages can give this to her students. It must stem from the decades of teaching experience and the fluency in multiple languages that Rosalyn has.

Our trip to France was a big success. I look forward to reading Funky French and continuing to learn this language from the Master.


Anne Pawsat-Dressler

Owner/President Hawaiian Hideaways, Inc.

Stuart, Florida



A friend of mine who used to learn French through Dr. Secor’s company, First Quality Second Languages, advised me to take classes from her. She provided the perfect opportunity for a native French student to study advanced English.

On one hand, Dr. Secor has perfectly mastered the skills that I hoped to find in a language teacher. She is as proficient in French pronunciation, sentence structure and idioms as she is in English. (Sometimes, she even taught me French grammar rules.) 

On the other hand, Roz has a unique teaching approach. One feature is that she encourages students to explain concepts to her. (It is a great way to check if you understand.) She also uses various associations to facilitate learning. Lastly, I have to note that she has a wonderful, bilingual sense of humor.

Thanks to Dr. Secor, I made great progress in spoken and written English this past summer.


Pablo Richard

French student of Engineering

Lycée Georges Clemenceau

Nantes, France